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North Carolina Registered Agent

What is a North Carolina Registered Agent?

A North Carolina registered agent is an individual or entity that is appointed by a business to accept service of process, legal correspondence and important business mail. When these documents are accepted at the agent’s registered office, it is considered legal notice. The documents must be forwarded to the proper business in a timely manner.

At NC Registered Agent, LLC, we offer the fastest, most reliable NC registered agent service in the state. Our local Raleigh office accepts, uploads and processes thousands of documents every day for North Carolina LLCs and corporations. No other registered agent in North Carolina is more trusted.

What You Get for $49 Per Year:

  • Total compliance monitoring for your business
  • No forwarding fees
  • Fast, reliable document delivery
  • Annual report reminders and tax notifications
  • Commercial business address in Raleigh
  • Immediate scanning of service of process into your online account
  • No hidden fees or upsells
  • Business filing guides and pro-tips for DIY customers
  • One low price: $49 per year

When you form a corporation or LLC in North Carolina, you are required by law to appoint a registered agent. A registered agent accepts service of process (notice of a lawsuit) on behalf of your business, as well as other legal correspondence and official state notifications. When these documents are accepted on your behalf, they are forwarded to you in a timely manner.

Our North Carolina registered agent service helps domestic and foreign businesses maintain their good standing with the Secretary of State. By providing comprehensive compliance monitoring, we help ensure that all of our clients continue to do business in North Carolina.

Why Do I Need a NC Registered Agent?

Every legitimate business entity, both domestic and foreign, is required by law to maintain a registered agent and registered office in order to do business in North Carolina. A registered agent must be designated when you file formation or registration documents with the Secretary of State. Businesses that do not appoint an agent will have their filings rejected.

The Secretary of State enforces this requirement in order to have a reliable contact for every legitimate business operating within the state.

North Carolina Registered Agent Duties

  • Maintain a registered office with a physical street address in North Carolina
  • Keep regular office hours throughout the year
  • Accept service of process and official business documents on behalf of clients
  • Forward documents to clients in a timely manner

How NC Registered Agent Service Works

  • When your business becomes party to a lawsuit, the court issues a notice, called a service of process
  • A process server, law enforcement official or third party delivers the service of process to our registered office
  • The process server delivers an affidavit to the court confirming that your business was “served”
  • We immediately scan the service of process into your online account and contact you to inform you of the pending litigation

So My Registered Agent Gets All My Mail?

No. We are not a mail service or a mail forwarding house. A registered agent strictly receives legal correspondence and state notifications concerning legal compliance with North Carolina law.

On the other hand, it is not uncommon for “unofficial” mail to end up at our office. We’re not jerks. We don’t throw it out. We will scan all the mail we receive and contact you, regardless.

How Do I Change NC Registered Agents?

You can change your registered agent in North Carolina by filing a Change of Registered Agent form with the Secretary of State. This form can be filed online. There is a $12 filing fee.